The Photographer


A single image holds the power to transform the world. With its captivating essence, it can whisk you across continents, placing you in the photo within a fleeting moment. This enchanting experience urges you to immerse yourself in the visuals and emotions of bygone eras. Geoff's artistic creations invite you to partake in snippets of his life, as captured through the intricate frame of his camera. Step into the realm of the Art of Expedition, where such wonders unfold.

“ I have made this mark all over the world. To me, these marks define my place in that world.

But The winds will blow that hot desert sands

And the rain will move that hot red earth

And the ocean will push that sharp black sand

And my marks will fade.    

It is easy to think those marks are lost.  That those marks never mattered. 

As I leave a piece of me in each of those places I take with me a piece of them. 

In the end, it wasn’t me who was leaving my mark on the world, but the world who left its mark on me! “

~ Geoff D Rivera

While reflecting on his time in the desert sands of Iraq,  Afghanistan, and the red earth of Africa he stood on the black volcanic sand beach in Reynisfjara, Iceland, and looked down and saw his mark on the beach.  In his heart, these words are heard.